Traxia Mobility Service

Traxia Mobility Service - IoT Connected Car Project

Robust In-Vehicle Service Platform for Smart Mobility Business

Project Background

Personal transportation has becoming the crucial part of many people in modern cities. Whether its their daily routine such as going for work, school run or recreational travel like going out to shopping centers or for a coffee with friends, vehicular mobility are most likely the preferred method of transportation.

What is Traxia Mobility Service ?

Traxia Mobility Service brings you the specially designed platform to deliver various kind of in-vehicle services such as (but not limited):

In-Vehicle Advertising

Deliver video commercial contents to display-kiosk inside mobility service vehicles, gather more insights through our Cognitive service capabilities.

In-Vehicle Shopping

Offline-To-Online Marketing Gateway, Bring your goods available to purchase anywhere, anytime.

Payment Products and Financial Services

Perform secure financial activity while commuting. Get credit approval while you are on-the-go.

Location Based Services

Online-To-Offline (Local Tenant) Enabling, Bring your customer to your physical store for hands-on purchase.

Innovative Marketing. Social Contribution.

With the ever crowding space to exploit marketing opportunities, creative advertising is a challenge for all modern marketing companies and consumer products marketing.

Traxia Mobility Service Platform designed to provide new kind of interactive space for your creative contents towards a much more effective exposure and better use of marketing funds towards social communities particularly mobility service providers and service users.

Feature Highlight

To enable maximum experience for all elements inside Traxia Mobility Service engagement, Our system utilizes Traxia cloud platform to process and analyze available data to deliver exciting, innovative and useful output for everyone involved in the service operation.

Cognitive Analysis

Traxia Mobility Kiosk is equipped with state of the art cognitive service designed to capture human behavior during advertising media playback while being non intrusive and privacy safe.

Our Cognitive Analysis returns the amount of time each passenger focuses to the media playback, providing real view feedback and emotion analysis towards the provided contents.

Comprehensive Report

Service providers can enjoy in-depth service usage report including passenger count, view count, focus duration, run-time report, profile analysis and many more.

For non media playback services, user interaction report are provided compliance to how the service is used such as transactions, interaction count, selection reports, etc.

Audience Targeting

Provided with passenger profile and large demographics, Traxia Mobility Service can target specific set of audience that match the profile of what the service providers are aiming.

In various conditions, different experience may be exposed to different people separated by their background profile such as age segments, gender or even deeper details where possible.

Beneficial Ecosystem.

Rewarding for everyone.

Traxia Platform are build to provide benefits to the following respective roles;

The Space Owner
Vehicle Owners whether they are ride hailing drivers or fleet companies, service fees are paid to space owner for time well-spent.

The Sponsors
Service providers may scale their provisioning to a large exposure at any given mobility journeys.

The Time “Traveller”
Being the subject of service providers, Passenger spent their time inside a space designed to increase productivity and better fare benefits.

Project Status

Traxia projects are structured to become a principal model business where our proof of concept drives our partners to be successful in utilizing our system for their benefits.

With Traxia Mobility Service, project deliverable are staged with the following steps and progress due dates;

Traxia Mobility Service is subject to be publicly announced and released by August 2019.

(website news update may be delayed, please check with us for more accurate information).

System Development 85%
Service Simulation & Testing 60%
Field Deployment & Testing 50%
Marketing Campaign 50%
Production Release 25%

Traxia Mobility Service Inquiry Form

If you have any inquiry about our mobility service project, please state your roles in the mobility service business and tell us what you like to know more in the message field below. We are more than happy to reply and answer all of your questions where we can.