Smart Logistic

Connected Solution for SME Logistics Operator

Deploy smart logistic system into your logistic operations & improve delivery experience

Traxia Smart Logistic (also known as “TSL”) is the latest release of smartphone application embedded as hybrid functions inside Traxia Smartphone Application, the extension features that are available for Traxia service subscribers. TSL helps your operator work effectively and efficient through proper planning and well coordinated routing and delivery priorities.

Delivery Planning. In Advance.

Traxia Smart Logistic helps your planning department to distribute delivery or pickup plan across day and time. Whether its a routine schedule, contract-based or one-time request, you can be sure that your delivery schedules are in controlled plan.

Define routes, delivery sequences and force confirmation from driver to ensure absolute work order execution according to your plan. Accurately plan recurring deliveries into various time slots and spread across multiple days and locations. get ahead of your competition, starts with advanced planning.

Work Orders. Smart.

Through the official Traxia smartphone application, assigned drivers can utilize their telephone credentials to become a smart work tools. Simply register driver telephone number and instructions will be sent to them automatically.

Drivers can receive work orders, get notified and response to assignments, view their work order details and plan their activity beforehand.

Work Guidance. Literally.

Provide logistic delivery or route directions to your assigned drivers, included in the delivery work orders are general instructions as well as time keeping instruction and supporting information such as distance to delivery/pickup location, time to reach and navigation tools.

Information such as manifest, interaction or goods to load/unload are provided along with the details inside each delivery work order data packet. You can be sure that work order can be carried out confidently by assigned person in-charge.

Priority Assistance & Emergency Notification Services

Traxia Smart Logistic offers real-time multi-notification services such as Emails, Push Notification to Smart Application and classic SMS notification service for Drivers who submitted emergency situation report or require some assistance.

The emergency broadcast location are also recorded in both longitude and latitude, known address along with their identity credentials.

Its very easy to start as 1, 2, 3. Done!

Our Step-by-Step training program will guide you how to utilize our smart logistic system into your organization without disruption to your existing operation. Be confident and improve your operation through innovative solutions specifically designed by logistics experts.


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