Fleet Management

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Find out how you can improve your fleet performance with Connected Technology

Traxia Roadtek provides intelligence and advanced data analytics services for fleet owners with telematics and cloud computing platform. Managed Service customers have enjoyed more than 180% productivity increase and up-to 50% efficiency after 12 months of deployment.

Operation Planning

Traxia Roadtek enables you to fully prepare your business operation in ways that you might never think before. Specify how your business policies, setup your operation schedules, allocate proper resources such as vehicles, drivers and supporting documents all in one simple business tools.

Operation Monitoring

Assuring your fleet operates within policies and conduct scheduled plans accordingly can be a daunting tasks, Traxia Roadtek can help you monitors your fleet activity through a single control dashboard. For enterprise users please call for more monitoring customization options.

Get Notified

Exceptions, Delays and Incidents may happen in fleet operations. Get notified actively by Traxia Roadtek to help you respond quickly to unforeseen events.

Dispatched. Online.

With Traxia Roadtek it is easy to assign delivery or pickup orders to fleet operators in the field. Our robust platform allows your dispatcher to maintain interaction between field team and office team through cloud infrastructure.

Executive Reports

Redefine how you, as fleet owner or company executives being able to perform executive “Informed” decisions through a compilation of operation report that is actively being pushed every end-of-the-day, ready for daily meeting discussions and strategic decision making.

Operation Models

Hauling Operating Model

  • Operation Plan Management
  • Asset & Driver Nomination
  • Automated Progress Update
  • Operation Progress Monitoring
  • Delay, Failure and Exception Report
  • Financial Process Integration

Multi Drop & Pickup Model

  • Route Management
  • Delivery Plan
  • Assignment Scheduling
  • Multi Loading / Un-Loading
  • Delivery Performance Monitoring
  • Route Simulation

Roaming (Canvas) Model

  • Cargo Manifest Integration
  • Cargo Door Monitoring
  • Intelligent PoI Sensing
  • Data Heat Map
  • Checkpoint Journey Monitoring
  • Transaction Report

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