Fasting Break with DIT Family

Fasting Break (Buka Puasa) together seems to have become a tradition many circles.  Starting from open together with family, friends, colleagues or community.  This event does not necessarily take place in restaurant or mall, but can also be held in the office.

DIT’s big family held an fasting break at DIT’s office, North Jakarta on June 16, 2017.  The event was attended by all employees at DIT’s lounge.  Before fasting break, the even was filled with welcome speech from Director, Kenny Marchel and continued with prayers.

The event was followed by break menus served on a banana leaf that is spread out in length with simple dishes of Liwetan style, and also serving typical Ramadhan dishes such as kolak, fruit ice, pudding, doughnut, fried food and ice cream.  Fasting break together was aimed to knit back Silaturohim, intimacy and kinship in welcoming the feast of Eid Mubarak 1 Syawal 1438 H.