FETCH Corporate Car Management System

FETCH Corporate Car Management System

In May 2017, DIT as a company that runs in IoT Solution has just launched a new innovation which called FETCH. FETCH provides a total solution for corporate car management and can be utilized by G.A Department to monitor and manage employee business travels. We know that G.A has already busy with their work, so we make it even easier for them.


There are many features on FETCH web service such as Automatic Scheduling, Corporate Car Optimization and Report of Passenger & Driver Journeys. On the Automatic scheduling, you can make travel itinerary, assign job for driver, and see the status of passenger & driver.

And perhaps, if your boss might ask about the report from your team activities, you can give him/her a journey report that is generated from FETCH web dashboard.


For user, FETCH gives them mobile app which they can utilize to request a ride that is using corporate car (FETCH ME). If they manage to have two business trips on the different places, they can use CHAIN JOURNEY feature. This feature enables them to travel to more than one destination without hassle.

For those who wants to do business travel outside of town, they can use TIME CHARTER feature. This feature gives passenger access to book a car for the specific period and ties the driver with them.

Overall, FETCH enables you to monitor your employee journey, analyze their trip history, and help you set up the efficient and easy business travel schedule.