Digitalinstincts Teknologi Provide Smart Care Monitoring Service to Deltamas City Hotel using IoT to Create a Safe and Secure Living Space, Even in Emergencies.

Digitalinstincts Teknologi (Headquarters: Indonesia; “DIT”) has developed a tablet-based smart care monitoring service called Traxia Solace (“Solace”). Sojitz Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyodaku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masayoshi Fujimoto; “Sojitz”), an investor in DIT, has cooperated with the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia (“Embassy of Japan”) and the Japan External Trade Organization (“JETRO”) to conclude an agreement which will see Sakura Park Hotel & Residence (“Sakura Park Hotel”) in Deltamas City utilize this technology. 

Solace is equipped with a high-definition video calling function, and in the event of an emergency, it automatically connects hotel guests to a 24-hour call center (staffed by non-medical personnel). It also enables the hotel to make necessary daily-use items, including food, available at all timesSakura Park Hotel will implement the service on one floor (36 rooms) at first, before rolling out the service gradually to all its floors (106 rooms in total) in response to demand from guests. 

In the near future, DIT also plans to add features enabling remote diagnosis and on-site support from healthcare professionals. 

In the midst of the global novel coronavirus pandemic, Indonesia lacks a sufficient number of hospital beds, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for patients to even receive general medical care. The need for smart care services is rising as workers from overseas who are posted in Indonesia and overseas travelers are required to observe restrictions on movement and remain in their residences or in hotels.


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Solace is based on DIT’s Traxia* IoT platform. Previously, DIT has used this platform to develop a variety of systems and has offered services to domestic and international corporate clients, providing solutions for a spectrum of social issues. 

Moving forward, DIT will make use of Sojitz’s wide international network and knowledge base in pursuit of collaborations with ventures in Japan, Indonesia, and elsewhere while seeking to raise the quality of its service and contribute to a more prosperous society.

* A cloud-based IoT platform developed and offered by DIT. Using the platform, data collected from GPS devices, smartphones, tablets, and other sources can be stored in the cloud, and an IoT environment offering visualization ananalysis tailored to the requirements of the client can be constructed in a short period of time. Additionally, new functions and features can be flexibly added even after the customer has started using the service. The platform has been introduced in various industries such as taxis, trucks, buses, shipsand construction machinery.







Reference: Basic functions of the Solace Service




  • Log in with facial recognition 
  • Tap necessary connection 


  • 24-hour call center  
  • Support staff through video call 
  • Family and colleagues could be connected by backside setting 
  • The service offers concierge services for food and other matters 
  • Website offering coronavirus information and updates about government policies (Japan and Indonesia) 
  • Possible to order from nearby restaurants and shops who are registered with the system* 
(*) Optional


For more information about Traxia Solace, please contact:

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Indonesian : Jehan Siti Aisyah (